Saturday, June 18, 2011

State Page: Florda

State Nickname(s)
The Mickey Mouse State
The Crazy Trailer Trash State

State Motto
We Trust Our Invisible Friend Who Lives in the Sky

State Capital
Haile Selassie

Some Parts are still up for debate

State Bird
Scrooge McDuck (anatidae greedyfuckus)

State Flower
Orange Juice

State Tree

State Color(s)

State Mineral/Rocks
Moon Rocks

State Slogan(s)
Sunny With A Chance of Hurricanes

State Song(s)
Who'll Stop The Rain

Other Notable Symbols
Beverage: Natty Light
Fish: Big-Mouthed Ass
Mammal: Florida Cougar

Famous People
Osceola, a leader of the Seminole people, fought to protect his tribe's Florda homeland in the 1830s, but the U.S. Government convinced him to come to a meeting to "discuss a treaty" and then imprisoned him, instead.

Famous Landmarks
The Kennedy Space Center is located at Cape Carnivale. The first Moon Mission, Apollo 11, was initially staged here, but mostly filmed at the nearby Disney Studios sound stages.

Interesting Facts
Early Spanish explorers were just a bunch of really swell guys.

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