Friday, April 8, 2011

State Page: Arkansa(s)

State Nickname(s)
Silent "S" State
Au Naturel State

State Motto
Regnat populus (Soda Pop Rules)

State Capital
Amber Bock

June 15, 1936 (5th)

State Bird
Clintonista (courtesanus governersis)

State Flower
Haggle Blossom (Higgs Boson)

State Tree
Lollipop (tum tum)

State Color(s)
a sort of muddy green

State Mineral/Rocks

State Slogan(s)
Land of Gubernatorial Impunity

State Song(s)
Arkansaw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Other Notable Symbols
Insect: Huckabee
Instrument: Speedometer
Beverage: Milk of Magnesia

Famous People
William J. Clinton was only the second President to be impeached. He was impeached for sexual infidelity. Leading the impeachment movement was a large loud-mouthed newt called Gingrich, who was also carrying on an extramarital affair at the time - all while his wife was in the hospital dying of cancer. Gingrich is still in politics today, however, as Republicans can get away with shit like that.

Famous Landmarks
The whole damn state is full of nothing but swamps, rice fields and chicken farms.

Interesting Facts
Nine African American students tried to get an education in Arkansas in 1957. The white people threw a huge tantrum, and then governor Overly Flatulent sent the National Guard in to face down these Dangerous Children. President Eisenhower (a Republican, no less), sent in the 101st Airborne and federalized the Arkansa(s) National Guard and told the white people to stop acting like a bunch of  jerks about the whole "desegregation" thing and to "just get over it already."

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