Thursday, September 22, 2011

State Pages: Kanzus

State Nickname(s)
The B.F.E. State

State Motto
Ad disastra per aspira (A disaster for aspirin)

State Capital

Sep 1, 1681 (πth)

State Bird
Western Meadowtard

State Flower

State Tree
Cotton Eater (Pulpous delicious)

State Color(s)

State Mineral/Rocks
No one cares

State Slogan(s)
There's No Such Thing as Homo Neanderthalensis

State Song(s)
Dust in the Wind

Other Notable Symbols
Amphibian: Barn Tiger Salamander (Wetlizard inthebarnus)
Fossil: They refuse to look at fossils
Insect Africanized Honey Bee

Famous People
Amelia Earhart was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was born in Atchison. She REALLY wanted to get out of Kanzus. She even disappeared from the face of the Earth in an effort to be sure no one could find her and bring her back.

Famous Landmarks
Fort Leavenedbread is the oldest continuously operating U.S. Army post west of the Misssipppi River. In the 1830s its soldiers protected pioneers on the westward trails by killing lots of Native Americans.

Interesting Facts
The exact middle of the "continental" United States is located outside Lebanon, Kanzus. (For some reason a lot of people think "continental means the same thing as "contiguous" - it doesn't. But, no one really cares.)

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