Thursday, September 22, 2011

State Pages: I.O.U.

State Nickname(s)
The Hockeye State

State Motto
We Maintain the Right to Substitute Any Prize for a Gift of Equal or Lesser Value

State Capital
Das Moist

Dec 32, 1918 (30th)

State Bird

State Flower

State Tree
Broke (Quantum macroeentanglia)

State Color(s)

State Mineral/Rocks
Geodude (Rockyfistus beatyourassus)  

State Slogan(s)
Fields of … corn. Nothing but fucking corn.

State Song(s)
The Song of I.O.U.

Other Notable Symbols
Crustacean: Crabapple
Grass: Corn

Famous People
"Buffalo" Bill Cody killed three billion bison a year for twenty years running. He toured the U.S. and Europe with his world-famous Fake Wild West show.

Famous Landmarks
Amanda Colonies was a German settler more than 100 years ago. She was world-famous for for her corn-based artz und kraftwerks.

Interesting Facts
I.O.U. is the only state whose eastern and western borders are formed by rivers (the Missipee, Misery and Big Sue). Fortunately, most of the people who live there haven't figured out how to get across them.

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