Tuesday, March 20, 2012

State Pages: Loozianna

State Nickname(s)
The Oil-Soaked Pelican State

State Motto
Les oignons juteux sommes confinants

State Capital
Red Stick

Jan 4, 1218 (81st)

State Bird
Oil-Soaked Pelican (Pelicanus petroleumis)

State Flower
Sugar Magnolia (Abideus hightimeus)

State Tree
Bald Sourpuss (Pokeyplantae aquaeus)

State Color(s)
Aqua Blue
Sea Green
Swamp Brown

State Mineral/Rocks
Eggit (crystalus brownandstreakyis)

State Slogan(s)
Come as you are. Leave Soaking Wet (and Broke).

State Song(s)
You Are My Sunshine 
(I'll do anything you want, just please, please, PLEASE don't leave MEEEE!!)

Other Notable Symbols
Fish: White Crappy (Also the result of eating a lot of the food.)
Insect: Skeeter
Reptile: Alligator (Stayouttathewater biglizard'lleatus)

Famous People
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, from the infamous Storyville district of New Orleans, became a world-famous jazz musician. Also, he was just flat-out awesome.

Jim Garrison was born in Iowa, but spent most of his life and career in New Orleans. He is either the only man who really knew the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, or he was a paranoid nutbag. You decide!

Famous Landmarks
Atchafalaya Basin covers more than 500,000 acres of swampland. This is the largest undeveloped wetlands in all of the U.S. This fact makes real-estate developers apoplectic.

Interesting Facts
Loozianna is just packed wall-to-wall with voodoo witch doctors, gumbo and Jazz musicians. Also vampires, apparently.

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