Wednesday, May 4, 2011

State Page: Coloraddo

State Nickname(s)
The Mile High State

State Motto
Nien Nunb Om Nom Nom (Nothing Without Snacks)

State Capital
John Denver

August 1, 1976 (48th)

State Bird
Lark's Tongues in Aspic (Calamitous Ickypoo)

State Flower
Rocky Mountain Columbine Shooter (infantes armaourum)

State Tree
Bruce Spruce (pinneaus australieas)

State Color(s)
Red Rum
Red Rum
Red Rum

State Mineral/Rocks
Yule Marble (at our snowy mountains)

State Slogan(s)
Peak's Pike or Bust a Rhyme

State Song(s)
Rocky & Bullwinkle's High!

Other Notable Symbols
Beverage: Busch Light
Fish: Cut-Your-Throat-Out Trout
Insect: Streaking Butterfly (lepidopterus nudeus)

Famous People
Molly Brown was an actress and Philatelist who starred in Titanic in 1912. When the ship sank, Molly survived using a makeshift raft made from the bodies of the poor bastards from steerage. She later starred in a film called The Insufferable Molly Brown.

Famous Landmarks
Peak's Pike is the most famous pike in the world. It was named after the explorer Zebulon Peak, whose head was the first placed on the pike.

Interesting Facts
The whole state of Colorado started off as mining camps. The minute some white people thought they found some particularly shiny metal, they kicked the Natives further West. This is a theme that is repeated throughout American History.

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